Friday, April 23, 2010

hello again

So next week's YW lesson is on journaling and keeping a personal history and it got me thinking . . . maybe I should start posting again on that old blog I used to keep. I'm not promising anything but if there's one good thing about me:

I always keep trying.

Be it organizing my desk, losing weight, or keeping a blog. I always keep trying. So I'm shooting for once a week, folks. Because I do know in my heart that I should really keep some kind of a history of what's happening in our family--the highs and lows, the day to day, random thoughts, and most especially, the funny things Noah says. Which is where I'm starting today.

Today before 8:15 a.m. Noah offered up the following gems:

1. "This tastes like wooden cows." (thoughts on rice krispies)

2. "Mom, is there a rope in heaven? cuz you would fall."

3. " . . . and please bless that I can go to space. And hold a sign that says, 'workers ahead.'"

This one has been a regular in his prayers for a few weeks now. He's obsessed with construction workers and the power they wield over traffic by holding a simple sign. Not sure where the thing about space came from.

Other family news for the week:

Zack did great on finals & is will be home Saturday. We're so excited to have him home . . . just wondering where to put him! Emma & I get to go prom dress shopping this weekend. I know for some mothers/daughters this would be a big thrill, but we are not one of those mother/daughter duos. Not loving the whole shopping thing, especially with a deadline & challenge of finding a modest dress. Wish us luck! Madeline missed her track meet this week due to a flu bug :( Also, experienced her first Thursday School (detention) so not the BEST week, but that's ok. Caleb & Isaac started their season with Salem Track Club so they're excited. Daddy fixed Noah's jeep (needed battery charged) so Noah is thrilled to be riding around in that. And the big news for Enoch: he discovered playdoh.

Dan & I got to go to the temple last night to be with the Papritz family when Austin received his endowment. It was really wonderful being there, not to mention two hours in the car with my husband all to myself. I really love that guy.


swenandbex said...

It's good to hear from you again! We were thinking about you last month when we realized it had been a year since our visit. That was so much fun! I'm so glad your family is doing well. I'm looking forward to more frequent posts. ;)

Jessica said...

So glad that you are back in the bloging world. I have thinking about you guys a lot lately. We miss you and hope to someday come visit again. Love ya all!

john papworth said...

ahhh, i love to hear about you guys! especially noah and his construction workers